Initial structure of ReUse Inc

At first in ReUse Inc we will need to recruit some volunteers to gain some initial value.

Basically we will need these functions :

  • promoters
  • recruiters
  • producers
  • documentation

Later there will be sales, accounting and quality control.

Here is a detailed list of first stage involved roles :

  • software specialists
    • developers
      • frameworks
      • apps
    • installations managers
    • maintenance and support
  • designers
  • content managers
  • promoters
  • recruiters
  • languages support team
  • documentation

Initial plan for ReUse Inc

So let’s start with ReUse Inc.

In order to achieve our goals we will adopt this simple yet effective plan :

  • Promote and get initial volunteers
  • Train them to contributors and create some initial values
  • Create 5-10 simple products
  • Start converting products to real values
  • Check efficiency in different apps
  • Share sales values and start accounting to get feedback
  • Promote contributors to teams and try to scale productions

The overall progress heavily depends on the community response, but I guess we can can at least try it and see how it goes.

The idea of progress in ReUse Inc

The concept of self growing economic struct requires the constant progress, because the value gain is almost impossible without it.

So in ReUse Inc there is no special controlling unit or the board of executives – all decisions are made just by its involved contributers.

The total progress thus also depends on the sum of everyone efforts, as well as personal share part converted to real values.

It all comes then just to the level of competencies and qualification of employees and contributors, that is in turn positively feedback to their personal share.

So the total growth is favorable for everyone and the 100% clear and trusted data and value share parts motivates everyone to increase it that can be done only through improving their skills.

The time in ReUse Inc

In ReUse Inc the most valuable resource is just your time.

You invest and spend it for skills growth and get some profit from it – so this is the base currency for the entire structure and everyone involved.

So remember carefully that time is a real value (or money), so try to spend it very reasonably.

In ReUse Inc an efficiency is the basis of functions, and it heavily depends on correct time usage of involved participants.

To achieve this – a set of common average ratings for different areas are going to be created, so everyone can plan his trainings in the best way possible.

It is easy to create some kind of guaranteed time investment plans to promote individual, average and total qualification growth.

Discuss it all in ReUse Inc

When it comes to efficiency in ReUse Inc it is difficult to find the correct plan just by the intuition.

So the general rule of finding the correct solution is to heavily discuss it before putting into practice in order not to spent your time for nothing.

That’s why every concept or idea in ReUse Inc is discussed.

To make it reasonable we will make two sorts of discussions available – strict and free.

In strict discussions there are only arguments and logic – you propose your idea and it gets approved and discussed in a reasonable way with weighting pros and cons.

Every discussion is stored in history and every decision may be tested and checked for efficiency at any time.

However, even the greatest minds are sometimes susceptible to herecies, so everyone have an option to try his own idea by his own efforts or team and prove that everyone else was wrong about it.

The Efficiency at ReUse Inc

In order to make something of value, we at ReUse Inc need to carefully manage the overall efficiency just to make sure that all efforts are made in a way that make sense.

Since due to it’s 100% trust policy and clear and shared data it is not a big deal.

Every area of work (including product creation, maintenance, sales, management or promotions) thus can easily be calculated in terms of efficiency and gained value.

These reports on product usage, sales and efficiency will be available to common participants. Moreover, in the area of product creation it is possible to measure everyone performance over time and overall progress in time with qualification and value share pert increase.

It is also possible to get personal time investments stats, measuring the amount of time spend and values share gained ratios. This allows us to present ready individual guaranteed career plans at least for short terms periods for 5-7 years.

What do I get from ReUse Inc ?

When collaborating with ReUse Inc you don’t spend any values or money at all – it it 100% free.

You invest only your time just in order to improve, test and sharpen your skills and qualification.

You work only when you want it in the areas you are interested and can quit anytime you wish.

Here are the personal benefits of ReUse Inc common collaborator :

  • skills training
  • fast and clear competencies grow
  • clear career paths
  • fame / reputation in specific communities / areas
  • growing your own portfolio of works
  • working experience with talented trusted people
  • high qualification areas access
  • entitled contributor in large project
  • experience with enterprise technologies
  • real values from shared part
  • sales experience
  • management practice
  • grow your own team / community
  • ability to create innovative products
  • real world gamified experience with strict clear and fair trusted rules set
  • a title in resume
  • benefit yourself through the promoting of benefit of others
  • good karma for making world better
  • just a social playground

Trust 100% policy

Well, when it comes to collaboration, trust is really essential.

In ReUse Inc we apply a special “Trust 100%” policy to clear that out completely.

That means that all data 100% is shared between the collaborators, including sales, promotions, individual and area shares and overall efficiency for all areas.

For that in return we will require the same from everyone involved.

All your progress will be recorded, and all your collaborations become a part of shared values pool.

You will be stated as the author of what you did and will remain in history for ages.

Also you will ensure the 100% trusted activities and response, in cases of untrusted behaviour your unclear efforts will be publicly discussed and even punished with share points decrease.

Gain good reputation as expert and trust level to increase your qualification and hence share part.

Value share parts

In every common organization there are a lot of debates about value shares and especially who will get the most of value.

In ReUse Inc everything is a little bit different.

Since there are no “owners” or “responsibles” there is no need in such a debate.

As the whole structure evolve and earn value by converting its products to real values (a kind of generalized sales), the share parts become evident.

Due to the 100% trust policy, all data for sales are open for all participants (provided they got a minimal approval as volunteers).

As you progress, you get access to all details of your area efficiency and sales profits.

Everyone participation is measured with internal points (creds) and after the accounting period ends you will get a shared percent part of total value gained in this period.

Rates, conversion ant median efficiencies for areas are also made public for everyone involved just to make things 100% clear.

Career plan in ReUse Inc

In ReUse Inc everyone gets a simple and yet effective career plan with no “contract endings”, no “qualification limit” and constantly increasing value share part.

There is no need for special education or famous cources/degrees/diplomas, however it may come handy when you progress.

In internet everyone is anonymous, so you may be of any race, gender, age, religion, politics and education level.

You start as a volunteer to test your skills in developing simple products, and your efforts are measured with special creds.

Once you proceed, you become experienced and may evolve in several ways :

  • grow experience
  • create your own team and community
  • train new volunteers
  • engage in sales
  • get value share
  • define general areas
  • manage products

With some specified efforts minimum limit reached you get an access to all sales data and efficiency planning.

Each activity is rewarded with value share part as always.