Cross-state global research and development funds

Recently we were discussing self replicating machines as a way to organize an easily scalable mass production lines in modern world (take a look at it in physics.stackexchange and ai.stackexchange).

There we came to an idea that there are completely no technical troubles with it, the main problem with it is just in appropriate fundings.

As often seen in modern science/research/development, the only problem is with funding. The problems with this scale require some solid funds for a large amount of time. That is not compatible with modern financial world, that is aiming at low term profits in simple stuff. Both states and commercial sectors (venture firms) are not currently able or willing to fund it due to uncertainties.

The solution might be in centralized fundings using tax from states via UN or something. It may be like a cross-state global research and development fund (with let’s say 1% of GDP per state shares). The results (products and tech blueprints) may be shared to participants due to their share part. But that require a lot of changes/efforts and currently is not available in the nearest future unfortunately.

So the question is – are there any efforts to create cross-state global research and development funds ? Are there any UN or monetary fund initiatives about it ? Since I haven’t heard about it yet, probably there are no stuff like that (except large particle colliders like LHC).

So what about financial cooperation between states in the area of research and development ? Isn’t it better (even sometimes at least) to cooperate in the funding with uncertainties with results available to everyone (like tech, drugs, construction, science etc.).

Feel free to discuss this topic in details in our economics.stackexchange post.

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