The energy and the money

Well there are lots of ideas about different types of values/goods and the common medium among them – the money.
There were tons of debates on gold standards and pure fiat types of money.
But what about something very simple and able to convert to everything we need – the energy ?

This substance is conserved due to the very heavily tested and solid fundamental conservation of energy principles in modern physics.
Also it can be generated, stored, transported and converted to any kind in any possible scenarios – mechanical movement of objects or thermal.

To make things simple let’s take a look at its form of electricity – it can be easily generated and converted to all we need – constructions/food/heating/transport/communications/applied goods.
It cannot be inflated/deflated and its cost doesn’t grade with time.
The energy couldn’t be destroyed or made from nothing – it is a basic physical phenomena.

So to make it a kind of a money we just need to create common effective converters and transport system with minimized transport costs.
This can be easily made with superconductors – the loss of energy on transportation is about zero.

So the question is – why not using energy (for example in form of electricity) as a kind of really universal money ?

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