Going from 2d to 3d in plants cultivation

As you know, currently grown organic plant food (like rice and wheat for example) is grown using flat 2d approach with just one floor of seeds on surface.
Using that lots of people start to talk about lack of food due to the population increase on the limited surface of our planet.
It also produces other harmful events like deforestation and wildlife problems due to the increasing surface for food plantations.

But what about going 3d production instead of current 2d surface cultivation to handle it ?
Since plants are the basis of ecology chains, that looks like really important.
Just imagine simple 3d cell frame structures with plants growing in volume in it nodes.
One can argue to the problems with light, but it can easily be handled with artificial additional lightning.

Problems with soil can be handled with artificial substrats and hydroponics.
So let’s define a simple model, applicable almost everywhere and try to estimate its costs.
If we want to grow plants almost everywhere, let’s start with hydroponics compact 3d frames using artificial soils and artificial phyto lights.
To make things really simple and reasonable we will assume large autofilling tank of water above this structure that drop water using controlled cranes to all nodes of frame via tubes.

Let’s estimate costs, using mass production.
Well, the structure frame and nodes are really cheap – node costs you about one 5 liter plastic bottle, as well as frame structs.
So basically all you need is artificial light and water pumps transfer from bottom to top with reuse cycle.

Since in common cultivation the main asset is land surface, in mass production all the costs can be reduced to the economy on surface.
Also this approach allows us to grow indefinite amounts of plants on the limited surface just increasing floors amount.
That means we can get 10x output with 10 floors and roughly 100x output with 100 floors on the given amount of surface.
So the question is – why are we still using ineffective 2d cultivation instead of more productive 3d approach ?

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