Common problems concerning progress

So in science fiction movies and books the future of mankind is commonly described as inefficient, dark and even apocalyptically deadly.
We believe it is mostly due to the attempts to attract attention of customers in order to increase sales and well known human love to tragedies, which is viewed as a common genre through basic education via religion in early stages of culture development.
Using these patterns, novelists describe tons of undesired events and some people start to think that it is really inevitable and may even lead to civilization self-destruction.

This is really funny, since most of this problems are really simple to solve.
To our point of view, the main difficulty with civilization is just maintaining a simple discipline and keeping it organized.
That is because lots of modern people didn’t went too far from stone age (that ended just 10k years ago) savages or even monkeys in their personal progress.

Here are some details on most common problems concerning the population growth and progress :

lack of food
lack of water
lack of mineral resources
problems with living space
diseases and mutations
great apocalyptic wars
ice ages climate problems
asteroid impacts
rise of the machines against humans
poor ecology
nuclear wastes

We will try to explain how it is easy to handle all these problems with just a reasonable approach.

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