Value share parts

In every common organization there are a lot of debates about value shares and especially who will get the most of value.

In ReUse Inc everything is a little bit different.

Since there are no “owners” or “responsibles” there is no need in such a debate.

As the whole structure evolve and earn value by converting its products to real values (a kind of generalized sales), the share parts become evident.

Due to the 100% trust policy, all data for sales are open for all participants (provided they got a minimal approval as volunteers).

As you progress, you get access to all details of your area efficiency and sales profits.

Everyone participation is measured with internal points (creds) and after the accounting period ends you will get a shared percent part of total value gained in this period.

Rates, conversion ant median efficiencies for areas are also made public for everyone involved just to make things 100% clear.

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