The Efficiency at ReUse Inc

In order to make something of value, we at ReUse Inc need to carefully manage the overall efficiency just to make sure that all efforts are made in a way that make sense.

Since due to it’s 100% trust policy and clear and shared data it is not a big deal.

Every area of work (including product creation, maintenance, sales, management or promotions) thus can easily be calculated in terms of efficiency and gained value.

These reports on product usage, sales and efficiency will be available to common participants. Moreover, in the area of product creation it is possible to measure everyone performance over time and overall progress in time with qualification and value share pert increase.

It is also possible to get personal time investments stats, measuring the amount of time spend and values share gained ratios. This allows us to present ready individual guaranteed career plans at least for short terms periods for 5-7 years.

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