Making it efficient

This model is quite simple, but I guess it may be easily applied to real world with some additions for initial capital, required controlling quality functions and resources flow shared evenly for creds (is subtracted from sales profit).

When all the data with profitability stats are available to all workers it is quite easy to get clear and reasonable profit distribution among the workers. If we assume that the work of sales (marketing) and efficiency tuning (a kind of management) can be measured in creds and then in real values, so the control function may be handled just as some sort of ordinary work and added to overall work pool.

So we have a highly human involved work pool, independent of exact type with ability to tune it with positive feedback loop from sales and efficiency tuning. Moreover it is absolutely 100% clear to all attendants and the contribution of each employee activity can be tracked with clear stats. Every employee is also positively feedback motivated for his qualification improvement, which also gives additional value gain for him and everyone in this struct.

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