Growth factors and optimization

So in general we have a basic low skilled small portions of value gain to build some initial assets and start some very small sales with intent to grow. To get an increase in quality of our product and thus sales profits we need to attract some skilled professionals.

They don’t need to get training and need some sales shares as a reward. The profitability of the overall portfolio of software assets sales (S) depends on qualification (Q) and amount of work (W), let’s say it is proportional (S = k1*Q*W). So to promote and attract experts we can simply give them some kind of internal fictional currency as shares (lets say just some creds). When an expert is performing work, he is gaining some creds for completion of small required portion.

After some period (two weeks, month) the overall sales (in real values) for period are then interchanged and shared according to the creds amount. The only problem is that no one is trusting anyone, but we can easily handle it with 100% shared data on sales and efficiency of products (let’s say it is available only after some creds limit gained to avoid fraud).

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