Fees for ReUse Inc

To make the ReUse Inc growth stable and motivated there is a need for some fees or taxes to help administer it.

As a general rule, a small amount of value about 1% tax is dedicated to help manage and ensure the overall project growth.

Also there are some projects that are used by others in internal operations – like frameworks or internal productivity tools. There are also some basic quality control, security, management and compliance activities that require some support in order to function properly.

That’s why all gained value from specific project is accounted with 30% going for total value pool and 70% going to the project value pool.

Total value pool is distributed among all contributors, and project pool is distributed between project participants.

All this number values are specified and fixed for an accounting period to make things clear. They change rarely and the history of changes is saved for efficiency as well as details for accounting and planning.

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