Ecosystem of ReUse Inc

So in ReUse Inc there are no offices or HQ sites, that’s why we will need some sort of ecosystem to coordinate and plan activities.

Just in the beginning we don’t have any investments and external resources, so let’s get to the basics.

Every applied volunteer or contributor as well as project will have a special blog, where he will report all his progress and describe results.

Along with that there will be an advertisement platform attached to every blog, so any activities by default will generate a tiny amount of value from advertisement that will get into the total value pool.

Moreover all documentation sites will get ads attached to it.

All the ads revenue will get to the total value pool and then will be shared between all participants.

Since every platform may not be stable enough, then a multi-platform resources will be required with duplicating data on progress and stats – we will use Google docs and apps services, Microsoft development services / tools, probably Amazon and others at the same time.

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