Economic Model structure

Let’s get back to our simple model again. In order not to get to any specific tech complexities we are planning to create an organization to create high quality software in the ever charging market of computers/communications/applied devices. Suppose we don’t have any money or motivating resource, but there are lots of work force distributed around. Also we are not planning to get any credits and start with zero balance to achieve some value gain. The plan is to motivate workers and create self-growing enterprise to create, promote and sell software.

In order to achieve some initial growth we need to hire some kind of low skilled work force for training. They irregularly can make some kind of small work portions that help us to create a starting basic products. To make things clear let’s assume we have to perform only 3 basic activities – create, sell and maintain our software product. So our workforce primarily consists of sales and developers and we can get initial value gain from that based on training employees.

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