About ReUse Inc

Well, ReUse Inc is just yet another experimental non-commercial economic structure.

It is an open sourced and crowd funded platform to create high qualification empowered complex items that require a lot of human efforts and then distribute it for the good of society.

Items may be created as open source and available for free.

However, some specific items are produced for gaining value to support the growth of the structure, making it efficient, self grow and evolve via the constant employee qualification increase.

Every “employee“, or a structure representative act as an independent agent with his own goals. Nevertheless, every efforts are imposed to increase their skills and help grow the common value.

Every representative earn internal points that acts like a share to get a total value part for the accounted period.

Through their skills and qualification growth, the total value gain and shared part will increase as well as the motivation and structure stability with the 100% Trust policy.

If you want to participate – just fill our simple appliance form.

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